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Launching Virality Detection API and Excel Add-in for NLP APIs

We are pleased to announce two new products to further our mission of bringing world-class Artificial Intelligence solutions at fingertips. We are launching Virality Detection API which predicts the popularity of photos based on similar, trending photos on social media and an Excel add-in, which provides text analysis on unstructured data

"Virality Detection API gives a score to any photo (out of 100) based on its potential to go viral on the Internet. This API has been built by training a deep neural network on a large dataset of 500,000 photos consisting of both popular and unpopular photos crawled from different social platforms", says Ankit Singh, co-founder and CTO of ParallelDots. "This API can be used by journalists and bloggers to determine the featured image of their article or by third-party apps to help their users upload the best photo. The Virality Detection API ( is our first visual analytics API"

We will soon release a research paper for the methods they used in developing the Virality Detection API which will be available as open access publication.

Ankit Singh elaborated on the other product, Excel add-in ( "Our Excel add-in provides the state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing capabilities to your analysis without the need to write a single line of code. The add-in comes in handy particularly when you need to run analysis on user-generated contents such as tweets and comments from a social media campaign, product reviews from e-commerce sites, open-ended user feedback from surveys etc. You can export all the data from your BI/social listening tools in xlsx or CSV format and install our plugin to annotate the data with sentiment, emotions, intent etc. and analyze them from the comfort of your spreadsheet in seconds."

Since its inception in 2014, ParallelDots has developed artificial intelligence driven solutions for various industry verticals such as Market Research, Healthcare and Finance etc. "We are going to keep building AI-first, vertical agnostic solutions, Virality Detection API and Excel add-in being the newest addition to our stable", said Singh. Recently, ParallelDots announced $2 million funding from Multipoint Capital LLC.

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